28 Oct 2014

This is Halloween #3

Hello beautiful people

"In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song"

I bloody (ha see what I did there) love Halloween!! This is the first time I've played with real Special FX Fake Blood and I loved it, this one was kindly given to me by Laukrom at an event and it's amazing - doesn't stain or anything!

For base I have used a flawless matte foundation and a small amount of matte bronzer to contour and add shape.

Brows were pretty simple too, just a trusty black gel eyeliner; I wanted to really go over the top! I brushed my brows up more than usual to create a more textured look.

On my eyes I have used a red toned brown in the crease & as my transition colour. The black is a black eye shadow pencil blended out with a matte black eye shadow pressed on top and blended out.
Underneath my eye I blended it down quite low and only used the black products, no red.

Again, I used the same gel eyeliner to draw the cross on my forehead using a very thin eyeliner brush.

The blood used is of a gel consistency which makes it super easy to work with an it stays looking glossy and life like. To apply I used a synthetic thin eyeliner brush, makes it extra easy to clean off!!

Do you want to purchase this blood, well you can do so here!

Happy Halloween!!

What are you dressing up as?

lots of love 

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