30 Oct 2014

Kissable Lips

Hello beautiful people

"cos when I'm kissing you, my senses come alive"

Nobody wants to kiss anyone with dry, chapped lips; it's just wrong! Kissing is supposed to be romantic and earth shattering, and if you have horrible lips it's going to be neither of those things.

Take note ladies (and gents), I have found THE most perfect kissable lips duo in the world. 

Lush's Popcorn Lip Scrub
EOS's Pomegranate & Raspberry Sphere Balm

My lord, you'll have the softest lips ever with these two let alone a sweet, fruity and butter taste left to your lips. 
Perfect right?

As a rule I apply lip balm every morning and night, and whenever it's needed. With the lip scrub I mainly use this if I've worn lipstick/lip liner/lipgloss that day because I find my lips really suffer from lip products. 
You use the scrub before you apply the lip balm, gently exfoliating over your lips with your finger and then lick your lips clean!! The taste of this lip scrub is insanely good!
My favourite thing about the scrub is that it contains a load of coconut oil which is so nourishing for your lips, and it's also a great healer :)

What are your favourite lip saving products?

lots of love & happy kissing

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