8 Oct 2014

Counterfeit Cosmetics

Hello beautiful people

Sometimes I think my parents should of called me Moaning Myrtle rather than Francesca, but there is something going on in the beauty world that's really grinding my gears.

Counterfeit Cosmetics

Look guys if you can't afford the real thing don't buy the fake. This isn't the same as lusting over the Louis Vuitton Speedy and finding a copy of it on a market for £20, this make up is illegal not just because of it being counterfeit.

These counterfeit products contain illegal ingredients that aren't allowed to be used in the production of makeup...
because they're not safe for human use

No safety precautions are taken, for example no testing and usually if it has been tested it's been done on animals which is very ironic when people are buying counterfeit Urban Decay products. Your diminishing what brands stand for, Urban Decay are Vegan, Gluten Free and they do NOT test on animals. They also use recycled everything to create the products, for example you know the UD brushes your using? They're made from recycled drinks cans.

Ask yourself this question
If brands such as Mac, Urban Decay & Benefit could make their products this cheap, well why aren't they?

Because it's not safe or good enough quality for you!

Here's another little thing to put you off

Things that have been found in counterfeit cosmetics:


Come on guys, human urine has been found to make up some of these products. You are applying stale urine to your face, that's bloody gross.
These products can sink into your skin and create hell underneath as well as causing severe acne, eczema and dermatitis. They simply are not worth the hassle.

Makeup artists on counters have had customers come in from buying counterfeit makeup with awful rashes and in some cases split open eyelids - that was from an "Urban Decay" Naked palette they had bought online.
In America one lady was prosecuted for selling fake Mac eyeliners which contained lead after one customer was left blind.

Left - Real. Right - Fake

Please please please stop using this makeup, it is not safe. 
I'd also appreciate it if people would share this post to really help get the word out there, I can't stress enough how dangerous this stuff is and there's not enough exposure.
It is illegal to sell and buy this stuff so please stop.

All photos used have been found online as I do not own any counterfeit cosmetics

Have you had any bad experiences with counterfeit cosmetics?

lots of love  

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