7 Oct 2014

This is Halloween

Hello beautiful people;

"Tender lumplings everywhere, life's no fun without a good scare"

Halloween is my favourite time of year, I love the dressing up and copious amounts of scary sweeties but it's also a good time for experimenting with makeup.

Makeup really makes a costume, and Halloween makeup can be as made as simple or complex as you like! Some people opt for half faces because its easier than making everything symmetrical; this is a good tip if you want to experiment but aren't overly confident.

Another good tip is don't be afraid to use makeup in different ways, eye shadows on cheekbones, lipstick on eyes. In makeup there are no rules, so go crazy! 

I was sat in my bedroom the other day and thought I would do something pretty and colourful that isn't too difficult to recreate or take inspiration from.
I haven't done this like a tutorial because I think it would be far too lengthy for a blog post.

I opted for a pretty Sugar Skull, what do you think?

Anybody that knows me understands my love for glitter and rhinestones, so I did go a little crazy; but hey....its Halloween guys!! I used a blue Mac eyeshadow to contour with and decided against anything on the eyes.

Personally I love this crazy look and it was very simple to put together, everything I used I already owned so it was cheap too! 

I've popped a little video to help you get into the Halloween spirit even more!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

lots of love

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