9 Oct 2014

I can't live, if living is without you

Hello beautiful people

"I can't live, I can't give anymore"

Yeah... bit of a dramatic start to a post but I really cannot live without this product. It's hands down a must have for everyone with a face.

I'm talking about Mac's Fix+ (insert gospal hands up/amen sort of emoticon - you know the one)

This stuff is incredible, it gives you that Beyonce glow and keeps your face in place. You know when your makeup starts to look a bit oxidized and ugly towards the end of the day? WELL just spritz this delightful liquid over your face and VOILA... good as new (ish, nothing works miracles).

Fix+ is basically a god send for people that like heavy foundations but still want a dewy look. It works amazingly with Mac's Studio Fix Fluid and Estee Lauder's Double Wear. I love using it over the top of my primer too to help lock in moisture and stick my layers of war paint together.

For good measure I'm now going to include some technical stuff that'll just make you want it even more than I've already made you want it, if that's even possible.
Fix+ is packed to the brim with minerals and it helps to create a smooth, even surface for extra flawless/I woke up lyk dis points. The mist is so lightweight that you can barely feel it going on and it dries almost instantly.
Tip: Apply before mascara or you'll end up with panda eyes!

here is me with a face full of fix+/looking like a sassy mermaid
Honestly, if you haven't tried this then slap yourself and apologise to your face; not only for the slap but for depriving it from this delicious goodness that it deserves!!

Oh and another thing, the smell is divine; almost like a cucumber water. YUM!

Do you love Fix+ as much as me?

lots of love 

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