24 Oct 2014

Dior Star Foundation

Hello beautiful people

"I woke up lyk dis"

Ladies...we flawless. Well if you're using the fabulous foundation you will be! 

Dior Star Foundation is insanely good, it's lightweight but has a medium/high coverage and it leaves your skin looking bright, dewy and just generally awesome. 
On the box it is described as "studio makeup, spectacular brightening, weightless perfection" and my god this foundation is exactly that!

I used to be matte matte matte everything but especially since discovering this I am struggling to go back to my trusty Mac Studio Fix fave. Even when powdered this foundation still shines through giving you a beautiful glow.
It doesn't transfer easily and I find that it is very well wearing. I do have dry skin but I am prone to an oily tzone, however I will always moisturise, prime and set my skin to help prolong wear :)

This foundation is pretty damn clever, it has been formulated to basically have an epic skincare inside it. So when you're wearing this foundation your skin is getting a treatment too!
By using this foundation daily your skin will result in being noticeably brighter, more clarified and your complexion ill be dazzling. 

Dior don't do many colours but if you go to a counter they have a clever little devise that matches you up to the closest shade. I am lucky enough that my shade 020 is pretty much perfect! In Mac terms it will match an NW18/20.

Will you be trying Dior's Star Foundation?

lots of love

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