10 Oct 2014


Hello beautiful people

"Treat yourself like royalty" 

After a few tough days Lush was really calling my name, I needed a pick me up in the form of sweet smelling, glittery bath products.
I was hoping that I could get my hands on some of the Halloween and Christmas stuff, but the range at my local Lush was really disappointing.

I only picked up two things, as like I said the new season range in my local branch was really lacking. They didn't even have Butterbear which is something I really wanted to try!

Of course I had to pick up Northern Lights after seeing loads of people blogging and vlogging about it.
Northern Lights smells of Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang, resulting in an extremely calming scent to compliment the extreme purple explosion that will be going on once this hits the water! The colour of this bath bomb is out of this world, and I love the tiny little stars that these are abundant with. 

What would a trip to Lush be at this time of year without picking up a classic...Candy Mountain bubble bar. I seem to be thinking that this year it's a little less vibrant pink? Hmm, bit of a shame because the vibrancy really makes this product stand out and make a show in the bath!
If you like the classic Rockstar soap then give this bubbly delight a go, the scent is identical; vanilla candy and unicorn farts if you're not aware!!

If you don't have access to a Lush store, you can always purchase online here :)

When you need a pick me up treat, where do you head?

lots of love

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