17 Oct 2014

Just watch 'em glitter

Hello beautiful people
"just watch it glitter, glitter, glitter"

Despite the dark eyes, underneath the black clothes and tattoos I am extremely girly and I quiver at the sight of glitter. Naturally I needed to chat about these beaut eyeshadows I have been obsessed with since they were released early 2013. 

Urban Decay's Moondust eye shadows are a glitter addicts dream, in total there are 7 shades and I own 3...and of course I will end up owning all of them!
These eye shadow's are finally milled so that they look more sophisticated than slutty, and there is no chunky glitter in them what so ever. The texture is very creamy so they glide on and have minimal fall down, but they dry completely to powder. For extra sparkle the glitters used are 3D and dance when they hit the light.

Zodiac | Diamond Dog | Space Cowboy
It's quite difficult to catch the true beauty and shine of these eye shadows, they almost look like water - proper magpie's dream!
To be honest I don't think I could rave about these anymore, their beauty does all the talking !!
These are so easy to use and can transform any makeup look into one ready to hit the town. Perfect for Christmas parties and wintery events so you look like a sassy Snow Queen (insert sassy emoticon).

If you want to purchase these you can do so here :)

lots of love 

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