3 Nov 2014

FABB Birmingham

Hello beautiful people

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"


I've just lost my events virginity and my oh my it was outstanding.

Attending Fabb Birmingham was the best decision I have made thus far. Honestly, I had the best time ever!
I was able to meet some incredible online friends and connect with some awesome brands! (plus the goodie bags were pretty darn epic!)

The event started at 1:30 and finished around 3:30, and before I met up with some fabulous girls whom blogs I will link below!
After a long journey down Sian (or should I say Sham ;)) and Charlie needed a coffee so after a trip to Starbucks we made our way over to meet Sarah and Hannah from the train station before making our way down to Alfie Birds located in the Custard Factory.

We were greeted by a loud hum of beautiful bloggers before being taken upstairs to show our tickets and receive our first of many goodie bags from the lovely Ray :)

The event was on two floors which were packed full of tables laden with beautiful products and incredibly friendly people! 

The brands that attended were:
Toni & Guy
Bee Good
Style Skin
Bodhi and Birch
Charmed Ivy
Style Edit
Tom Pellereau

Everyone was incredibly generous and gave us the opportunity to network etc, my favourite brand that was at the event had to be MeMeMe. The products, set up, communication we're by far the best and really stood out from everyone else there!

I also really enjoyed the Toni and Guy booth because I was able to have my hair styled into waves by one of their talented stylists. Sian also took advantage of this too and had her hair curled by the same extremely friendly guy!

There was lots of edible treats on offer which I am a sucker for, the little Bee cookies from Bee Good were the tastiest cookies I've ever had the pleasure of eating! 

It was a really long day for us all so we decided (thanks to Sarah's idea) to make our way back over to the Bullring and treat ourselves to a delicious meal from Five Guys. I love a good burger & chips combo, I was so excited that I forgot to pick up my order and I overfilled my drink by probably another cups worth haha.

I can't believe what an incredible day I had with these amazing girlies! I hope we can all meet up soon and have another epic day together!

Looking like a boho princess mermaid on the train home

& because ya'll nosey like me...
here's what was in the goodie bags!

Here are all of their blogs for you to have a nosey at!!

Thank you Ray and Tor for putting together a great day for us all

lots of love 

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