14 Oct 2014

Mask of Magnaminty

Hello beautiful people

"Don't ever let anyone take away your sparkle"

I've been banging on about this face mask for weeks now and I thought it was about time that I plowed my thoughts into a review!

Mask of Magnaminty was created mainly for those whom suffer from acne on the face and back. They wanted to make something that could be used to help problem skin no matter how out of reach it is!

As you can probably guess by the name it smells minty and contains mint (peppermint oil to be precise). This face mask also contains honey, ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds. 

I chose to purchase this after seeing the beautiful Jeffree Star use it in one of his Instagram videos, he claimed it kept him blemish free so I knew I had to try this for myself! 

The lovely lady in Lush Birmingham explained that there were two types, the original and the self preserving one. To explain it quickly the self preserving version has more nourishing ingredients so it's better for people with dry skin.

This product is amazing, like honestly amazing. I love Lush face masks but this one is by far the best because it offers so much. It nourishes my dry skin and cleans up my pores at the same time!
I also use it when I have a spot directly on it and sleep with it on, after doing this for 2 nights even the biggest of spots are gone!

Mask of Magnaminty is £9.75 for 315g 

What is your favourite lush face mask?

lots of love

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