13 Oct 2014

This is Halloween #2

Hello beautiful people

"In this town we call home, everyone hail to The Pumpkin Song"

Now dressing up isn't for everyone, some people just like to wear some devil ears and black lipstick. If this is you, well my latest Halloween treat is going to be right up your street!

Halloween for me revolves around beautiful dark, gothic colours. I love the purple tone that is associated with Witches so I've come up with a fairly simple look that could be rocked on a night out. This look has enough Halloween drama without the costume and frills, I hope you like it as much as I do!

To achieve this look I have taken a purple base and packed on a vibrant, darkish purple and blended out with a matte dusky pink eye shadow. In the crease and outer V I have added a matte black into the equation to darken the eyes and create depth. 

For the brow bone I used a very obnoxious pearly white highlight shade to really help my eyes to have that drag queen style pop to them.

On the lower lash line I have followed the same steps as my lids, but I have smudged down a black eyeliner to darken the look. I've then layered on a really black, lengthening mascara. You could use big lashes but I decided against it for this post.
You could always add liquid liner to this look for extra extra gothic glamour but I wanted to keep this look uber simple, and I know a lot of people dread liquid liner!

For lips I have taken a deep plum shade lip liner and filled in the whole of my lips, before adding a very glittery and over the top mauve toned lipstick.

I have decided to not name products in this post because I don't want people to think that they can't achieve it using certain things. If you do want to know the exact products I used please feel free to comment below :)
Also, I haven't edited any of these photos so you can catch as much of the real beauty of my chosen colours as possible!

Are you dressing up for halloween?

lots of love

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