21 Oct 2014

She's a Rebel

Hello beautiful people

"She's a rebel, she's a saint. She's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous"

It's Autumn and I can't even deal with how fitting this lipstick is. 

Rebel is hands down the most versatile lipstick I have EVER come across! No matter what hair colour or skin tone someone has it looks absolutely fabulous.

If you don't own this then you're silly!

My Rebel is very well loved and a bit battered now but I just had to talk and rave and shout and scream about this insatiable lipstick. I've had pink, blonde, lilac, brown and now red hair and without fail this lipstick continues to look fabulous!!
It's finish is classed as "satin" which for any of you Mac virgin's basically means Semi-Matte. So it it's extremely long wearing but not flat like most matte lippies.

Here I've teamed Rebel with my favourite lip liner, Mac's Nightmoth. The deep plum shade compliments Rebel and creates a beautiful ombre lip.

Do you own Rebel?

lots of love

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