6 Jan 2015

The Best Of 2014

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2014 has brought some great things, in fact it's brought some absolutely fantastic things. Lets take a peak into my favourite purchases of 2014.

Firstly it really does have to be the Lime Crime Velvetines in Wicked & Red Velvet. Lime Crime do lots of other shades but with my current hair colour these are the two that work best for me!

Dior brought out the best foundation of the year for sure in the form of Star. I not only look like a movie star when wearing this but I feel like one too!

How can I leave out Garnier's Micellar Water? I just can't! It's a fab makeup remover, and cleanses the skin beautifully. Love love love this bargain skincare product.

My mascara of the year has to be Urban Decay's Perversion, but a close second is deffo Makeup Revolution's Viper. 

I go through so many lipbalms a year, but since mid summer I have not been able to put down my EOS Balm's. They've kept my lips super duper smooth!

Mac's Diamonds Cream Colour Base has been my go to cream highlighter this year, even though it's limited edition and I don't want it to run out; I can't stop using it!

In December I discovered the Makeup Revolution Contour Palette in All About Bronze. It's simply delicious and I can't get enough of using it on a daily basis.

Billion Dollar Brows have 2 items that I have loved, the Brow Gel and Brow Boost! The Brow Boost has well, boosted my brows and the Brow Gel has transformed my brows into well groomed beauts. 

What have you been loving in  2014?

lots and lots of love

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