4 Jan 2015


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Makeup Revolution are constantly bringing out more and more products that are seriously to die for. This month is no exception, as we welcome the birth of the fabulous Ultra Velour Lip Creams*. Available in 10 different shades for a teeny tiny price of £3, yet another beautiful bargain from these guys!

Don't Bring Me Down | Sweet Boy with a big mouth | What will it take to make you love me?
Can't we just make love instead? | Their eyes can't find us | Move your mouth forever
All I think is about you | Not one for playing games
Say yes, it's what we do best | You're not the best, you're not the last
The guys at Makeup Rev claim that these have an Ultra Velour Finish, Ultra Intensive Colour, Smooth Application, Feels Comfortable and Lasts Up To 8 Hours. 

So...does these beauts do what they say on the tin?

Pretty much!

Everything apart from the 8 hours wear I can agree with, I manage to get around 4 but they do state that it's only up to 8 hours. To be honest though, to find a lip product that stays on for 4 hours to me is pretty impressive! 
I'm also completely in love with two other things. Firstly, to me these smell like Salted Caramel Chocolate and the names are just so super duper sassy that they're hard not to fall in love with!

Can't we just make love instead?
You're not the best. You're not the last

You can purchase all of these shades from the MR website here

*pr samples

Lots of love

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