19 Feb 2015

Blushing Hearts

Hi Hi Hi

As per usual, Makeup Revolution have released another epic line of products via their I Heart Makeup line; which yes, I bloody love!! To go along with the Blushing Hearts range are these 3 beauts:

Goddess of Faith Highlighter*
Bursting With Love Blusher*
Summer of Love Bronzer*

These three are packed full of pigment, shimmer and highlighting goodness which I find myself craving on a daily basis. Personally, my favourite is Goddess of Faith - a pearly triple baked, champagne shade. I love this as my day to day cheek bone highlight and it also looks perfect used as an inner eye corner highlight too!

Summer of Love // Blushing Hearts // Goddess of Faith

Buy Me // Blushing Hearts

Have you tried any of these Blushing Hearts?

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