17 Feb 2015

Zuzka Cleansing Milk

Hi Hey Ho

For the past week I've been road testing a new Cleansing Milk* by Zuzka, and it's safe to say I'm loving it! Zuzka claim that this product is mild enough for the extremely sensitive skinned, and I have to say I agree with that. Since using I haven't had a reaction to it, like I do with most cleansers! They also claim that it removes makeup, which I have to say I don't find it very useful at doing so.

The products created by Zuzka are all 100% natural, which I think is a great thing as why would you want a face full of chemicals? Personally, when it comes to skincare natural is key!

I'm not a huge fan of the rose scent, but unlike most products scented this way it's not overpowering; although it does make my Magnitone Lucid smell a bit funky after a few days of use. For me this isn't a miracle worker, it doesn't remove my makeup very well and I have a few blemishes which aren't usually there! It does leave my skin so so soft though, but it's mostly because of product staying on the skin.

Regardless, I have really enjoyed using this product but I don't think I will be purchasing it for myself any time soon.

This product was featured in my January Faves 2015 video which you can watch below

Buy Me // Cleansing Milk

Have you tried any Zuzka products?
*pr product

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