23 Feb 2015


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Lime Crime are one of the most talked about Cruelty Free brands that have ever existed. They stormed onto the scene on Halloween in 2008 with their unique colours, pretty packaging and punchy attitude towards makeup.

In 2013 Doe Deere and her team of minions created and released the start of a lip revolution in the form of Velevtines, a liquid lipstick that dries completely matte and has the staying power of a limpet on a rock.

All together there are 9 different shades, soon to be made a gorgeous 10 with the arrival of Riot. I have the shades Red Velvet and Wicked, which I'm going to show you today! If I had it my way I would own Cashmere and when released, Riot.

Red Velvet is a rich, ruby red that similar to the petals of the reddest rose! It also feels like rose petals on the lips, its super beautiful and is my perfect red!

Wicked is a Burgundy matte shade that can take anyone and any look into the deepest darkest corners of edgy with the swipe of a wand. I love this one teamed with pearly white eyes or a dark, dramatic eye. Either way it works perfectly for me!

Top - Red Velvet. Bottom - Wicked
I am besotted with this gorgeous pair, but my only negative towards these is that I cannot stand the artificial sweet smell they carry. It does disappear once dry which I thank God for!

What do you think of the Lime Crime Velvetines?

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