28 Apr 2015

Caring For Tattoos In Summer

As a tattoo addict and someone that to say the least has their fair share of the body art, I thought I'd share some care tips and products I use to protect my tattoos during the warmer months.
Firstly, no tattoo should have any sun exposure for 6 months after fully healed. A lot of people aren't aware of this, and it can really damage the ink and make colours fade extremely quickly.

Another measure that should be taken in the sunshine is minimal exposure, and a very high SPF product; minimum of factor 40. This again protects the ink, tattoo and thinner skin. My favourite product to use for this is the Forever Ink Ink Shield, it has a special "lock in" technology to keep your tattoo colour vibrant for a lifetime.

I would really recommend someone with tattoos to pick this product up, it smells wonderful and protects all beautiful tattoos.

Please look after your tattoos, they're are a lifetime commitment so keep them beautiful!

Buy Me// Ink Shield

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