25 Apr 2015

Stageline: X Volume Mascara*

Mascara is one of those things that is constantly being reformulated, changed up and made into something new. Everybody wants long, voluptuous lashes that give bambi a run for his money. The doe eyed look is in, and here's how I am currently achieving it.

Stageline's new X Volume Mascara has a fat wand made especially to create fat lashes. The theory in the beauty world is that the bigger the wand the bigger the lashes and X Volume is no exception. I find that one coat of this on top and bottom lashes and I am ready to rock and roll. It also stays on for the whole day and I found that it didn't smudge, run or flake off during the time I was wearing it.

The formula isn't thick but it builds easily if you prefer a thicker, fuller look. X Volume doesn't curl my lashes like some mascaras but I always curl my own anyway, so for me this isn't a problem at all. You get 13ml of product in this super shiny tube of brilliance which is very unusual for a mascara as you normally get 10ml or less.

This mascara gets a full 10/10 from me as I cannot fault it in anyway!

Buy Me // X Volume Mascara

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