30 Apr 2015

Online Etiquette

If you're not a fan of honesty then stop reading now.....

Okay, so ya'll whom ain't scared of an honest honey there's something playing on my mind which I feel strongly enough about to share with you. Online etiquette 

*queue mean girls quote here*

This post isn't a lecture or a moan, it's simply sharing my feelings from one sister to another. Take what I say with a pinch of salt. 

So far this year I don't think I have taken part in one single Twitter Blogger Chat, mainly because it seems to of gone from a wonderful little hour of gorgeous girls & guys having a natter to bloggers having what can quite simply be put as a "bitch". Now, this is something I am totally NOT cool with *queue second mean girls quote*. 

When I first started out as a blogger I loved everything about it, especially the community, however this is the only thing about blogging I now strongly dislike. A blog is a personal space to share thoughts, feelings and emotions with fellow lovers of the chosen topic; so why is it becoming a place where everyone thinks that they can slate one another?

As a blogger I know how exciting and fun it can be to work with a company, especially in the first few months of blogging. People seem to be forgetting that companies will trawl through our social media platforms to get to know us, see our following and generally to know what we're about. The last thing you want is for a company to not want to work with you because of your online etiquette. Take this tip from me and really stop, think and analyse what you're writing online. I have unfollowed a lot of people due to their "bitchyness" and online presence no matter how much I like their blog.  

I have been blocked on Twitter recently, simply for having a chat about a topic that another blogger had been having a heated discussion with said blogger.  Call me old fashioned, but isn't that what I would class as rude...and almost pathetic? Guys I'm 24 this year and I have seen better behavior from my less than 5 year old family members. Cmon, manners are free!!!

I am here to blog and enjoy what I love with like minded people. Please respect that :)

What are your thoughts on Online Etiquette?

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